Monday, 20 December 2010

The Alfriston Walk 2010.

These people were having fun.

Nobody had walked on the concrete road to Rodmell.

Mr Bish appears! This is a grab from a video.

 Aoifa dropped Fergus off but had to abandon her car nearby due to the state of the roads!

Is that a wig?

We had tea and mince pies in the Star.


Ians new lightweight tent, it weighs 2 ounces.

 We met up with Lucy and her two friends, Ian knows Lucy through school.  They were walking to the youth hostel at Alfriston, not quite hardy enough to camp!

Cloughie turns up.

Michael doing what he does best.

For some reason, Cloughie started to burn all the carol sheets.

Kathy is ready to play for us.

Michaels girlie boots.

The weather cleared-up after we left the wood.

Breakfast in the Singing Kettle.

Aoifa, Roisin and Ruth arrive.

We were surrounded by awesome clouds.